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Outsourcing Data Entry Directory

Welcome to the 123outsource.net data entry outsourcing and data services directory!
Companies that offer data entry outsourcing often offer a variety of other services as well including: Data conversion, data processing, data transcription, data research, data mining. The companies that really focus their efforts on data entry and services are in the Data Entry outsourcing section. But, the general BPO section and other sections also have a number of companies that offer data entry too.

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There are various types of data entry work. A clerk could enter information into a database and put particular types of information for particular files into particular fields in the database. Someone could read handwritten records and type them into a computer too. Data entry outsourcing practitioners could also type addresses into an application for direct mailing. Now, there is optical scanning available, but humans are needed to supervise and double check the machine's work. With all of these robotic machines and outsourcing companies, you would think that we would all be out of work. The irony is that Americans are busier than we've ever been and people in other countries are working around the clock as well.

Data entry jobs are common throughout Indian metros. We have the majority of our listings in Ahmedabad and Chennai, but also have a few in Hyderabad, Delhi, and Mumbai. Our directory is always expanding, so as time moves on, many more listings will appear. Use our directory to find a service provider anywhere. Let us know how your experience was, so we can record your feedback in our records. If your company does data entry outsourcing, get a free listing on our directory in exchange for an incoming link.

Outsourcing Data Entry
If your company is outsourcing data entry, please read all of the listings that we have in this category. Each company has different specialties pertaining to outsourcing data entry. Please try companies out with smaller jobs, until you get a feel for how it is to work with them outsourcing data entry. After they have proven themselves to be easy to work with and reliable, then it is time to offer them larger projects.

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