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Welcome to the 123outsource.net Software Applications Directory where you can find providers of custom programming around the globe. Find Indian software companies, Chinese software companies, and firms in other parts of the world as well. If you manage a software or IT company, please contact us so we can get you a listing on our directory. We offer free and paid listings to qualified IT companies.

Online (i.e. Web, Internet) and Offline programming
The service providers in this section offer internet programming (php, asp, html, etc.) as well as offline business software. India has many IT companies often also offer web design. Most companies on 123outsource.net have multiple specialties, so we try to list them in the specialty that they seem to focus on the most. You can find other web programmers in the SEO, and Web Design section as well.

The companies in the software applications section have a variety of specialties including: ASP, Custom Software, e-Commerce integration, Open Source Development, PHP, Project Management, Medical Software, SAP Solutions, SEO, Software Consulting, Testing, Web Design, Web Development, and Web Software!

India Software
India is the largest provider of software outsourcing with China not far behind India. Software and IT listings on our directory are currently almost exclusively for Indian software companies, but over time we expect to see more companies signing up from China. Software is an industry which is always growing as the world becomes more and more dependent on labor saving automated technology. The hubs of India software are in three distinct parts of India: Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune -- in that order. There are India software companies in Mumbai, Delhi, and other regions, but those cities focus more on other types of skills as Mumbai is a more business oriented metro, and Delhi is more politically oriented and has a lot of LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) and call center companies.

IT India
The various types of companies we have in our software > India (IT India) section have various types of specialties. Some IT India: software companies are more oriented towards internet software applications, while other companies are huge firms which engage in huge programming applications and databases for large corporations. IT India remains one of most popular search terms and the Indian software companies on this directory are by far the most serious companies.

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